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Haggis makers since 1850 our Original McKean's haggis uses only the highest quality wholesome ingredients, combining traditional lamb cuts, home-grown Scottish oats and barley with the finest of delicate meats.

We have an exceptional range on offer why not try our Chieftain Haggis - ideal for parties or kick things off with our ‘Sma' Chief’ the perfect starter to any meal.

Picture of Chieftain 1 x 5lb
Prepared in an artificial casing, this is THE haggis of all haggis.
Picture of Sma' Chief 1 x 2lb
Ideal for the smaller Burns Supper exactly the same as the Chieftain but smaller.
Picture of Clansman 2 x 1lb
Original McKean Recipe and prepared in an artificial casing. This product is "ready-to-cook" and one of our best-sellers.
Picture of Haggis Links 2 x 1lb
Our very latest authentic Scottish haggis variety made only for the US market.